Campi ya Kanzi - Mtito Andei, 90128, Kenya
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How to help

You can help us in three different ways:

  • Directly with a donation. You will contribute to amazing projects in conservation, education and health: it is tax deductible for both US and Italian tax payers. Helping us is just a click away… Please click below and donate online.
  • Or you can come and experience first hand our pioneering community based conservation programs. The ecotourism safari you will experience at Campi ya Kanzi is unique, profound and unmatched in all of Africa. In our luxury eco lodge, which is a joint venture with the local Maasai, you will not just live your dream African safari, but you will significantly contribute (with a $100 conservation fee per person per day, paid to the Trust) to preserve the very same wilderness, wildlife and people you will be enjoying. You will not find a better and authentic African safari in Kenya. Book today this luxury safari camp.
  • Or, if you are a doctor, a nurse, a dentist or a teacher, you could come and volunteer with us. We are working on developing other volunteers programs.

Please email Luca should you have any question about any program, and/or should you like to donate directly in Kenya to MWCT:

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