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Associations & Sponsors

We are very grateful to many many individuals who have supported us from our beginning and made it possible for us to team up with the following organizations:

Conservation International for their assistance and support in studying how to create a sustainable base for Payments for Ecosystem Services.

Susan G. Komen Foundation for assisting us in developing our health program.

AECOM for their support and their pro bono assistance.

Zoological Society of London for providing us with great consultancies.

Google Earth has assisted MWCT in collecting high resolution imagery of the entire reservation, in order to collect information about Maasai villages, vegetation, roads, wetlands, cultivations, wildlife corridors. The project is ongoing. Google is also supporting MWCT through their Google Grant program.

Wildlife Works, with whom MWCT is working with to develop a carbon credit project for the ecosystem.

Partners In Health by providing us with free consultancies and sites visits to our Health programs.

Planet Heritage Foundation, Bill&Melissa Gates Foundation, for their substantial support to MWCT.

Hitz Foundation, Le Rosey Foundation and Hicks Foundation for their meaningful support to MWCT.

Kenya Wildlife Service for their support and partnership with MWCT. KWS has trained 44 of our community rangers and is working hand in hand with us to ensure the protection of the eco-system.

David Sheldrick Trust whose vet is assisting MWCT for rescuing wounded wildlife.

Cartier, with their LOVE campaign

Puma for their support in the 2009 NY Marathon