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What is Special

What is really special at Campi ya Kanzi is being hosted by Maasai, on their land. You will be involved not just in tourism, but in preserving –through your visit – the very same wilderness and wildlife that the Maasai are sharing with you.

Imagine: 283,000 acres for 16 guests, no other camps, no other visitors. An immense wilderness all for yourself to explore, with 63 different big mammals species (lions, elephants, buffalos, rhinos, leopards; hundreds of zebras, giraffes, hartebeests, wildebeests. And also cheetahs, wild dogs, lesser kudus, gerenuks, oryx).
Special is the rich biodiversity; reflecting in, for example, over 400 different birds species.
The view of the immense Mt. Kilimanjaro, all to yourself, without being surrounded by other tourists: very special!
Special is the cloud forest covering the Chyulu Hills –one of the youngest chain of hills on the planet, with more than 1,000 different trees species.
And special are the hundreds of million years old granite kopjes, from whose top you will enjoy unforgettable “sundowners” (drinks at sunset).
Special is also being hosted by the founders, Luca and Antonella; Campi ya Kanzi is their home, and they look forward to sharing it with you.
Special are the many surprises Luca and Samson will organize for your safari.

  • A view of Mt Kilimanjaro from up in the Chyulu Hills

One of the most memorable events will probably be a surprise dinner in a cave! Have you have ever dined below the earths surface with flaming torches, lanterns and local Maasai?
Not far from the camp, there is a huge cavern where the Maasai, in the past, hid the livestock they raided from the nearby Wakamba tribesmen. The cattle were kept in the cavern during the day, and let out for grazing in the night.
In the afternoon we will walk to the cave just 45 minutes from camp. You will enter a huge “lava tube”, with two big openings on its ceiling. You will not feel claustrophobic nor cornered in a narrow space. A safari fire will be set just underneath one of the openings in the ceiling, and a table set with candles for your dinner…This atmosphere is unforgettable.

We don’t want to spoil the whole surprise, but there is more to enjoy that same evening, and plenty of other unforgettable experiences for the days you will spend with us.

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