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Kilimanjaro Scenic Flight

Should you wish to fly over the Snows of Kilimanjaro or The Green Hills of Africa (the Chyulu Hills) or over the magnificent wilderness of Tsavo West and/or Amboseli National Parks, in search of elephants, our commercial pilot will be delighted to assist.

Flying next to the highest mountain of Africa is amazing: you will see the snowy peaks, the forests, the valleys of the old lava flows.

At sunrise, and with a pinkish dawn embracing the Mountain, we will fly next to Mawenzi – the second highest peak, then toward Kibo, Kilimanjaro’s highest peak We will see the Shira Plateau, and in distance Mt. Meru.

You will feel like the first pilots experiencing pioneering flying over Africa. Being so close to Kilimanjaro is fascinating. We remain in the Kenyan airspace and we fly just 5 miles from the peak: very impressive!

We will come back toward the Chyulu Hills, flying low level in search of the elephants, which we see most of the time.

After landing a table will be waiting for you in the savanna, with a fabulous vista of the mountain where you just flew over.

A champagne breakfast, in the savanna, with eggs and bacon cooked on a bush fire… do we need to add more? Do not miss the experience of a life time!

Flying early morning is extremely comfortable; the air is not moving and you will have an incredibly smooth flight.

The flight is not included in our rates. Cost will depend on the number of passengers: $600 per person in 1 pax, $400 per person in 2 pax, $300 per person in 3 and $275 in 4.

  • CYK Bush Breakfast with Kili view Ian Johnson