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Indian Ocean Hidden Treasure

There is a place in Africa which brings peace to your heart and allows your soul to breathe.

It is a beautiful and exclusive villa, silent and spacious with wide windows overlooking a lush tropical garden. Smooth and elegant white curtains are tossed by the warm wind of the Indian Ocean.
From the veranda, like a breath of life, the wind caresses the tall palm trees, huge and mysterious baobabs, flowered oleanders, acacia trees and flame trees, desert roses, mango, papaya, banana and lemon trees…
The garden is an enchanted place. It encloses the house, allowing you to become calm and quiet; it embraces and shelters you from the frantic and noisy out world.

It is the place where the butterflies fly and color the sky with lightness and goodness…

Welcome to their home, the “Butterfly House”.

In Kiswahili, we call it Nyumba ya Kipepeo.

It is located in Malindi, next to the golf course and less than 10minutes’ walk from the ocean. It has a lush tropical garden of 2.5 acres, a beautiful pond and an 80 ft. swimming pool.

It accommodates up to six guests at a time , in three double bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, with air conditioning. It is fully staffed, including a driver (and a dedicated car).

Nyumba ya Kipepo is the pefect extension of your safari at Campi ya Kanzi.

It was the dream of Gianni and Bubu: they fell in love with Kenya and created this beautiful home, in Malindi.

Longtime friends of Campi ya Kanzi, they donated the house to Luca and Antonella (founders of Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust): all proceeds from your stay at Nyumba ya Kipepeo go directly to the Trust. Thank you for supporting the Maasai community of Kuku Group Ranch with your responsible tourism.

  • Outside house from the park