Campi ya Kanzi - Mtito Andei, 90128, Kenya
  • Ithumba

Among elephants

Something you will treasure as one of your best memories, for the years to come: walk among elephants, in the wilderness!

We will spend a night at David Sheldrick Trust camp in Ithumba, Tsavo East. Here is where rescued baby elephant orphans are released into the wilderness. To visit the project you will have to become a foster parent of at least an elephant ($50 adoption fee).

You will visit the elephants and help the attendants giving them milk.

A very emotional experience.

We will arrive in time for the morning “mud bath”, where you will assist the keeper giving milk to your adopted elephant and enjoy watching him/her and the others splashing into the water!

In the late afternoon we will meet the young elephants going back to their shelters; here it is not rare to meet wild elephants coming for a drink and the nearby waterhole.

We will spend the night at the Ithumba camp and at 5:30 am you will be awaken with tea or coffee brought to your tent. We will drive to the stockades. You will be able to assist the keeper giving milk once again to your adopted elephant.

You will then walk him/her and the others outside of the stockades.

It often happens that rescued orphans, now adult, will join the group. It would then be unforgettable having walked among elephants…

After lunch we will fly back to Campi ya Kanzi, passing over the Tiva river and the wilderness of Tsavo. This is where Beryl Markham was flying, helping Bror Blixen in his hunting safaris.

  • Elephants
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