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Kanzi House

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Kanzi House

While Campi ya Kanzi offers the uncompromised classic safari experience, Kanzi House has been created for better catering to families with children and to those guests who prefer not to sleep under canvas, or desire exclusive privacy, or wish some resort features. This is one of the very few private safaris villas that you can rent in Kenya.

You can have an overview of all our accommodations here.

With three double and two twin rooms, up to 6 adults and 4 children can be accommodated at Kanzi House.

Featuring a Jacuzzi for four, a 60ft/18mt swimming pool with a pool cottage, all with an astonishing view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Kanzi House provides the most luxurious private experience, while letting guests contribute meaningfully to conservation. In fact, staying at Kanzi House attracts a significant US$151 daily conservation fee per person.

Dining can be inside Kanzi House or “al fresco”, either next to the pool or at the open dining area of the pool cottage.

Eco-sustainability has not been compromised: unlike in all other lodges, our swimming pool does not use water pumped from a borehole and/or transported from miles away. Instead, it is simply collected from the rains. Besides being a pool, it is our anti-fire reservoir.

Should you choose to stay at Kanzi House, your guide and host will be Samson Parashina. Samson is the son of a Maasai chief, he is the head guide (silver level) and he is the President of Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. Or you could book your safari with Luca -see Rates- who will then host and guide you. A stay at Kanzi House means you will have dedicated cooks and waiters, and a dedicated vehicle.

Kanzi House will be your private lodge in the wilderness!

Kanzi House can also be booked only in exclusivity.

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