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Campi ya Kanzi

Campi ya Kanzi is your home in the bush.  Six luxury tented cottages and two luxury tented suites offer comfort and charm in the midst of pristine wilderness. It is your ideal choice for travel and socially responsible ecotourism in Kenya.

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At Campi ya Kanzi, the Maasai are your neighbors and Mount Kilimanjaro is in your backyard.  Lions call in the night and doves hail the sunrise in the morning.  You have 400 square miles to explore on safari and a cozy camp to come back to for delicious meals, hot showers, and a good night's sleep.  We welcome you with the word "karibu" and invite you to make yourself at home.

Each tent has a distinct name and character, unique artwork, and a different view of the surroundings.  Peer out from your private veranda to watch wildlife at the waterhole against the backdrop of Kilimanjaro or the Chyulu Hills.  The tents are spaced apart at ample distance to ensure privacy for all our guests.

Constructed from canvas, stone, and wood, all tents have been handcrafted on site by our skilled Kenyan staff.  They are designed to accommodate one or two guests each, though an extra bed can be added for a child.  Four of the tented cottages have twin beds, while the other two feature king-size beds, as do the tented suites.  All beds have feather mattresses and custom Italian linens.

Each tented cottage is furnished with a desk, a safari chair, a colonial trunk, brass lamps, rugs, shelves, and a place to hang your clothes.  Fresh flowers complete the interior décor.  In addition, the tented suites include a full wardrobe, a sitting area, and extra space.  Much of the furniture has been built here at camp using local materials, such as trees felled by elephants.  The tented cottages feature large photo composites by Kenyan resident Gian Paolo Tomasi, while the tented suites are adorned with hand-painted murals and hand-carved galana stone.

Every tent has an elegant en suite bathroom with a shower, sink, flush toilet, and bidet.  The suites have double sinks.  Brass plumbing fixtures provide both solar-heated and cold water.

Our state-of-the-art solar power system provides 24-hour electricity for the entire camp.  Power flows at 220 volts, and the sockets accept European two-pin plugs (Type C).

Tembo House is the central lodge and the heart of the camp.  (Tembo means “elephant” in Kiswahili.)  Beautifully constructed with local materials, Tembo House was built by our staff using lava rocks, thatch, and native timbers from a sustainable plantation.  European and Kenyan décor are tastefully combined.  Tembo House is open to the outdoors, and its terrace offers a spectacular view of Mount Kilimanjaro.  The house also has a spacious lounge where you can enjoy our books about Africa, relax with a refreshing drink, or listen to classical music while watching animals at the waterhole.

Dining takes place at Tembo House with hosts Luca, Antonella, and Stefano.  Friendly Maasai waiters set a beautiful table and serve multiple courses.  Dinner is particularly special, lit only by candles and lanterns.  Our talented Kenyan chefs prepare fine Italian cuisine (including homemade pasta, risotto, bread, and ice cream), along with local and international dishes.  We serve fresh vegetables from our organic vegetable garden, fresh milk from our organic dairy, and fresh eggs from our chickens.  Most of our wine is specially bottled for Campi ya Kanzi at Antonella’s family vineyards in Italy.

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