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There are so many wonderful events and memories being made here at camp, from hikes up into the Chyulus, excursions to Tsavo West National Park, Amboseli and Ithumba Elephant Orphanage and many special and interesting moments that happen right at camp. Here, we are a community rooted ecolodge and everyone that enters our home is family, so here are some of the current happenings that we feel we should share with you to give you a little insight on all the ongoings of our home! Karibuni...

FEATURED POST: "Lion with bad manners"

It's a normal morning. Starlings are chatting outside. I am unusually late getting out of bed. Just some minutes past 7:00.
And then I hear him. It is a sound that you feel inside, more than hearing. It reverberates in you. Is it an ancestral memory of my African hunter gatherer genes? Not sure. But the grunting has a wave length which you feel in your stomach. I get quickly out of bed. Heartbeats are higher........
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Ten years ago NASA launched an interplanetary space probe, appropriately named New Horizons. In these 10 years New Horizons has been traveling through our solar system, sending amazing images. New Horizons is fast, about 40,000 miles per hour. Distance covered? 3,000,0000,000 (3 billion) miles. Now next to Pluto, it took 4 1/2 hours for the image of it, sent from New Horizons at the speed of light, to reach Earth. At that speed it takes one second to travel from the Moon to Earth. Do you know how long it would take New Horizons to reach the closest star: 90,000 years...
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That is why I am not writing what is the value in $ of those 13,000 tusks... 
Ivory does not have a value.
It must not have a value.
If we accept that it has a value, we accept that is tradeable. It must not be tradeable, otherwise the remaining 400,000 African elephants will be soon gone.
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