Team Safari in Africa/Kenya

Your Hosts

Campi ya Kanzi was created in 1996 by Luca Belpietro and Antonella Bonomi, who have made it their home ever since. They will be your hosts, with a team of sixty five people from the local Maasai community, who help with the guiding, cooking, housekeeping and maintenance. All of us at Campi ya Kanzi are dedicated to making your safari the most memorable vacation of your life.

Luca Belpietro will be your host and professional guide at Campi ya Kanzi. He was born in Italy, and with his family has been a part of Africa since 1969. With his father, he toured Africa on many sporting safaris. Luca divided his youth between Italy and Kenya. He has a degree in economics and wrote his thesis on “Sustainable Development and Environment Conservation: Wildlife as a Natural Resource in Kenya”. Following this, he had a successful career as managing director of a financial consulting firm. However, he never forgot his dreams of Africa, and stayed involved in wildlife conservation in Kenya. This led to the creation of Campi ya Kanzi. Luca speaks fluent English, Italian and Kiswahili. He is an adamant conservationist and founder of Campi ya Kanzi and the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

Your hostess at Campi ya Kanzi will be Luca’s wife, Antonella Bonomi. She comes from the same Italian town as Luca, and graduated with a law degree. Not liking civil courts, she worked for a while at her family’s vineyard, Bonomi Tenuta Castellino. She visited Africa with Luca and found that she shared his passion for the Country and the Maasai people. Antonella is fluent in Italian, English and Kiswahili. She also knows a little French and German. Luca and Antonella were married in the Chyulu Hills in 1999 and live at Campi ya Kanzi with their daughter Lucrezia, born in Nairobi in July 2002, and with theirs sons Jacopo (born in April 2007) and Lorenzo (born in May 2009).

Samson Parashina is an outstanding Maasai who joined Luca and Antonella, to help them create Campi ya Kanzi. At first he worked as a waiter, but after studying hard, he became a professional guide. He is now the head guide (Silver Level) of the camp and the President of  Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

Stefano Ricci is an Italian schoolmate of Luca. They grew up together. Stefano is the one who introduced Luca and Antonella (some days we bless him, some days we blame him!).
He joined us at Campi ya Kanzi in 2004, led to Africa by his passion for wildlife, the outdoors, photography and mountaineering.
He left his career as a builder and became a safari guide.
He speaks Italian, English and Kiswahili. He knows some French and German as well.

Matasha, Pashiet, Parashi and Sunte, were also instrumental to creating Campi ya Kanzi. They are passionate guides and will make your safari a memorable experience. Being on safari with a Maasai professional guide is a unique experience, as you will be exposed not only to both the animal behavior and biology, but also to the Maasai culture and living, from the inside.

We will tailor-make the safari you like, according to your taste, abilities, needs, and desires. You will feel like you are visiting a friend’s home, not just in another hotel for tourists.