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The Maasai People

Campi ya Kanzi is the living example of the policies of the Kenya Wildlife Service, which encourage local people to become involved in the conservation of wildlife. This approach to conservation is based on the self-interested involvement of the Maasai culture, rather than the creation of laws and bans.

For example, when lions kill Maasai cattle, the Maasai naturally wish to eliminate the lions to protect their livelihood. However, if the same lions produce profit through ecotourism, the Maasai may realize that it is best to co-exist with them. The Maasai now see the benefit of having wildlife on their land, so they protect the animals and view them as extension of their ranching activities.

For each guest accommodated at Campi ya Kanzi for one night, a $101 conservation fee is paid to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. The community benefits immensely from all of the Trust programs.

By choosing Campi ya Kanzi for your Kenya safari, you will not only enjoy a unique and pristine wilderness and amazing wildlife, but you’ll actively protect them and help the Maasai community.

The staff of Campi ya Kanzi consists of local Maasai people. They are specially trained for their positions at the camp, and benefit directly from the camp’s revenues. In this way, the success of the camp contributes to the local community and to the property’s mission of conservation.

While it is likely that in a couple of decades Africa will still have some wildlife experience to offer, it is quite unlikely that there will be chances of a real tribal experience.

The ultimate goal of Campi ya Kanzi is the preservation of the wilderness, wildlife and cultural heritages of the Maasai. Precisely to protect Maasai culture, MWCT employs Maasai elders, assuring Maasai lore is transmitted to those pupils who are attending school.

The founder of Campi ya Kanzi and of MWCT, Luca Belpietro, has a degree in economics and wrote his thesis on wildlife as a natural resource in Kenya. He would be pleased to tell you more about how Campi ya Kanzi and MWCT jointly provide conservation benefits to the local community, and how you can play a part in protecting Kenyan wildlife and Maasai culture by choosing Campi ya Kanzi for your luxury Kenya safari adventure.