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Community Partnership

Campi ya Kanzi was created for the purpose of showing to the local Maasai community that wilderness with thriving wildlife is an economic asset which pays economic dividends to the community.

We did not employ a contractor to build the lodge: we built it with the local Maasai people. Since day one the community felt not just involved, but started earning (through employment).

We took this concept one step further by creating Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT): a community Trust, deeply rooted in the community of the Maasai tribe.

Trustee and President of the Trust Board is Samson Parashina, a brilliant Maasai leader. Elected members of the community sit on the Advisory Board, and other elected members in a developing committee. Meetings with the community are held quarterly to assure members to have the ability of using the Trust to better cater for their most important needs.

MWCT is an advocate for the community and works with other conservation organizations to assure a sustainable conservation of the wilderness, wildlife and cultural heritages of the Tsavo-Amboseli eco-system.

Please visit the Trust website to learn more about it.