Campi ya Kanzi - Mtito Andei, 90128, Kenya
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Campi ya Kanzi was built in 1996 as a partnership with the Maasai of the 280,000-acre Kuku Group Ranch to promote environment conservation and sustainable community development through ecotourism.  The Maasai landowners benefit directly from tourism through employment and conservation fees.

Luca wrote his thesis in economics on “wildlife as a renewable resource in Kenya, environment conservation and sustainable development”. Campi ya Kanzi is the result of that thesis: a joint venture with the Maasai of Kuku to transform their wilderness and wildlife into economic resources that generate dividends for the community.

We believe in the concept of “Payment for Eco-system Services”: Campi ya Kanzi visitors -coming to enjoy wilderness with wildlife – contribute $100 conservation fee per person per day. The funds are used to run Wildlife Pays, a compensation program were genuine losses caused by wildlife to Maasai livestock are paid for.

We also believe that the community needed an advocate for their needs: in the year 2000 Luca and Antonella founded the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT). The Trust has a branch in Italy and in the USA. The President of the USA arm of MWCT is Edward Norton: UN Ambassador for Biodiversity (appointed by UN Sec Gen, Ban Ki Moon in 2010), founder of, member of United Sates of America President’s Committee for Arts and Humanities (appointed by President Obama in 2009), acclaimed filmmaker (acted, produced, written and directed in 25 films ; nominated for two Academy Awards for acting).

Campi ya Kanzi has received ample recognition for its beliefs and ethical practices: we are the most awarded lodge in East Africa (Gold rated by Ecotourism Kenya, 2004 World Legacy finalist, 2005 Skaal Ecotourism Award, 2006 Tourism for Tomorrow Award, 2006 Eco-warrior Award, 2008 Condè Nast World Savers Award).

We are proud to be Long Run Alliance Member: it means we are recognized to directly manage or significantly influence the management of a natural area of conservation value with defined geographical boundaries, have signed The Long Run Charter and are committed to achieving sustainability through a holistic balance of the 4Cs: conservation, community, culture and commerce. Being part of the Long Run Initiative, we apply The Long Run approach to life of acting today for a better tomorrow and aspire to become Global Ecosphere Retreats® certified Long Run Destinations, actively demonstrating innovative approaches to sustainable business and providing practical examples of sustainability in action. The Long Run Initiative is the flagship programme of the Zeitz Foundation. The Zeitz Foundation aims to transform all that we do into ways and means to move this world forwards in a more sustainable manner.

To find out more, visit and or connect with the Zeitz Foundation on Twitter (@ZeitzFoundation) and Facebook (Zeitz Foundation).

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Campi ya Kanzi is also a proud member of Ecoluxury

Campi ya Kanzi is proud to be a part of Pack for a Purpose, a service-oriented organization aimed at allowing travelers to give back to charity while enjoying their trips. Lodgings register with Pack for a Purpose and submit donation requests; in our case, guests coming to Campi can bring desperately-needed school supplies for Kanzi Academy, the local school we operate for gifted students. Please join us in making a difference on your safari of a lifetime.

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Campi ya Kanzi is also thrilled to announced it has been given the highest-possible rating for environmentally-friendly efforts and actions by ecotourism ratings system Five Leaf System. We’re very proud of this honor, but rest assured we will keep striving to be even better in our pursuit of sustainability.

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